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The Bates Method
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Origins of Natural Vision Improvement

The history of the Bates Method and Natural Vision Improvement begins with the brilliant insights of Dr.W.H.Bates (1860-1931),  the first and by far the most successful practitioner of  eyesight improvement. Vision education teachers have been seeking to understand his discoveries since the publication of his seminal book "The Cure of Imperfect Eyesight by Treatment without Glasses" in 1919.

 Dr.Bates' discovery that "...we all possess visual powers of which we are not conscious and which might be developed by practice." continues to inspire those who have improved their eyesight and are helping others to improve theirs.

Dr.Bates' statement that "We see very largely with the mind and only partly with the eyes." will make sense only to those who have experienced or understand the influence of the mind over both illness and well-being. If you accept the conventional theory of  how vision takes place you will tend to accept that natural vision improvement is impossible.

 However, if your vision does change for the better ask yourself if your eyesight change can be explained by the conventional theory. Realizing that eyesight can change for the better and that the established theory of eyesight is extremely limited can help your eyesight.

The Organisation of Registered Bates Method Independent Teachers(ORBIT) was founded by Ajay Sehgal and the late Patrick Mahony to provide a forum for Bates Method teachers to associate freely in developing their ideas of vision improvement without having to adhere to any to a particular understanding of  Dr.Bates' theory and practice. All teachers on the ORBIT register have already improved their eyesight considerably and have assisted others to do the same.


Patrick Mahony and Ajay Sehgal



This site is dedicated to the memory of Dr.W.H.Bates and Patrick Mahony